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    CAT S31, CAT S41, CAT S61 sold and warrantied in Singapore

  • 24 months warranty with screen guarantee

    You live and work in tough environments that test your CAT phone to its limits. We are confident your rugged CAT phone is the right tool for the job. However, if your screen breaks accidentally, within the warranty period, we will fix it.


    Reliable Battery

    Improving your phone’s battery life is one less thing you need to worry about, thanks to the range of Cat rugged phones designed to let you be connected, even in remote locations, far away from electrical outlets. You always stay connected.


    Super Bright Screens

    Our Corning® Gorilla® Glass touchscreens are scratch-resistant and ultra-bright, which makes them easy to read in even bright, direct sunlight. Wet finger tracking technology for use with wet fingers outdoors and in rainy conditions.



    Fully Waterproof

    Cat phones are specially designed to perform to high standards even in the wettest environments.

    It is the most reliable mobile phone to use in the water or in the rain and is able to survive complete submersion and close-range pressure.


    Drop Proof Certified

    All Cat phones are drop tested onto concrete from up to 1.8m (6ft) to prove their rugged credentials. Drop resistant phones are best devices if you work in construction, agriculture or security or if you are an outdoor enthusiast.



    Real Dust Resistance

    Cat phones offer a range of smartphones and mobiles made to be dustproof, rugged and built to survive. The design and rugged features of the Cat S41 and Cat S60 are IP68 certified, ensuring protection against dust that may harm the equipment.


  • About Us

    About Smart Walkie Pte Ltd

    We are the distributor of CAT Phones in Singapore and we are here to help your business by providing you with outstanding service and maintenance of CAT phones.

    Cat phones are made to be strong and practical. These are not fancy and over-designed phones that smash if you drop them. But these are innovative, tough devices that won’t let you down in tough situations. Durability is at the heart of every Cat phone as well as features that are invented for intensive outdoor use.

    Android and iOS Walkie Talkie App that goes beyond voice. Texting, pictures and paging gives you a complete communication solution for companies with field workers


  • Cat S61 Smartphone

    The Most Advance Smartphone for Industrial Usage


    You can use the integrated FLIR® thermal imaging camera on the Cat S61 smartphone to monitor and diagnose problems quickly and save time. You can detect heat loss around windows and doors, spot moisture and defective insulation, identify over-heating electrical appliances and circuitry as well as to see in complete darkness.


    Take advantage of point-to-point measuring, up to 8 meters.
    You can add dimensions and area estimates to images. Make estimates about the material you need for the job. Suitable for wall tiling, wallpapering or painting jobs, flooring or skirting board fitting, running piping or cable, or for preparing floor plans.


    You can easily monitor the air quality in your working environment. Track the the level of indoor air pollutants and Measure air temperature and humidity levels. The Air app on your device enables you to quickly get the moisture levels in your working environment. Use it in rooms without an extractor fan or regular ventilation.

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  • CAT Phones Specifications

    Technical specifications of CAT phone models S31, S41 and S61

    Entry Level for CAT phones The CAT S31 is a solid smartphone whose main task is not to break. It achieves this in any case, but users have to do without demanding applications. Smaller and cheaper than the S41, this is a similarly robust-looking handset, but one which trades a degree of...
    Mid Range CAT Phone CAT S41 shows itself as a robust outdoor smartphone with a relatively good system performance. The Android system runs smoothly and the performance is sufficient for apps that demand more than WhatsApp and the Internet browser. In terms of its case, our test unit shows no...
    High End CAT Phone with Special Industrial Features The robust CAT S61 puts all those who say that there are no innovations in the smartphone market to shame. However, with the built-in thermal-imaging camera, a laser distance measure, and the automatic measure of the indoor air quality, its...
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